An Apple A Day Keeps The Zombies Away.

Not really, but you'll need to eat so can can have the strength to keep them away.

Factories have shut down; no processed food is being produced anymore. Want a slice of bread? you'll have to make it yourself. Everything left in stores would be moldy. Hunting can be a good source of meat, but unless you are a master hunter, you'll go hungry trying to obtain food that way.

Hopefully you agreed with your paranoid neighbors and started to build up a food supply. Foods like wheat, sugar, beans, and rice can last for years, and can provide you with the nourishment you need to survive. If you didn't listen to your crazy neighbors, you'll just have to scavenge for them. If you find a store that still has food, go for the long-term foodstuffs, like the rice and beans, the peanut butter, and other cooking ingredients like oil. Also, don't forget the spices. You don't need tons, but a bit of salt and pepper will go a long way when you have to eat bland food.

If you're not the best hunter, you can try to set up traps. They don't have to be complex; these animals usually aren't too smart. If you put a box propped up by a stick with food inside, you're guaranteed to attract at least a squirrel, and may even get lucky enough to get a larger animal to lumber by, making your job a lot easier.

Worry more about your health than your figure; eat when you can, because the food may not always be there.

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This isn't McDonalds

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