Ever Wanted a Cozy Forest Cottage?

Well, this would be the perfect time to find or make one.

Many of us are used to living in the big city. We live a life of convenience: go to the store to get food and essentials, go to the movies for entertainment, go to the barber to get our hair cut. That was a great lifestyle, but now we have a big problem. Cities were full of thousands, even millions of people. That means they are now home to thousands, even millions of zombies. There's no way you can stay there and not be eaten.

The best living situation at this point would be to find somewhere out of the way, where even a wandering zombie would have a hard time finding you. You don't want to be too far away though; while the cities contain giant hordes of undead, they are still the best stop for scavenging food, weapons, and supplies.

Living in the woods can be a lot of work; there's no food, electricity, or running water. This is why it might be best to find other like-minded people to work together. One of you could go chop wood for fire and warmth, while another goes to hunt or gather food, while another obtains fresh water.

It won't be easy, but staying alive is the goal here, not finding leisure.

Remote little cottage


You don't want to be here